Halton Souling Play performance schedule 2014

This was our programme for 2014. As usual, we collected for the Halton Haven Hospice.

Friday 31st October 2014

Frodsham area

   8.15pm Dutton — Tunnel Top, Northwich Road WA4 4JY
   8.45pm Frodsham — Bears Paw, Main Street WA6 7AF
   9.15pm Overton — Bull's Head, Bellemonte Road WA6 6BS
   9.40pm Overton — Ring O' Bells, Bellemonte Road WA6 6BS
  10.15pm Frodsham — Frodsham Folk Club, Conservative Club, Main Street WA6 7AU

Saturday 1st November 2014

Halton Village to Grappenhall

   8.00pm Halton Village — Norton Arms, Main Street WA7 2AD
   8.20pm Halton Village — Castle Hotel, Castle Road WA7 2BE
   8.50pm Lower Walton — Stag, Chester Road WA4 6EG
    9.50pm Grappenhall — Parr Arms, Church Lane WA4 3EP

Tuesday 4th November 2014

Area between Moore and Lower Stretton

   8.15pm Daresbury — Ring O' Bells, Chester Road WA4 4AJ
   8.35pm Moore — Red Lion, Runcorn Road WA4 6UD
   9.05pm Hatton — Hatton Arms, Hatton Lane WA4 4DB
   9.40pm Stretton — Hollow Tree, Tarporley Road WA4 4LX
  10.00pm Lower Stretton — Ring O' Bells, Northwich Road WA4 4NZ

Here are some pictures of the 2014 Souling.