Halton Souling Play performance schedule 2012

This is our programme for 2012. Please note that venues and times may change, and all timings are very approximate.

As usual, we will collect for the Halton Haven Hospice.

Saturday 3rd November 2012

Halton Village and Stockton Heath

   8.00pm Halton Village — Norton Arms, Main Street WA7 2AD
   8.20pm Halton Village — Castle Hotel, Castle Road WA7 2BE
   9.00pm Warrington — Saracens Head, Wilderspool Causeway WA4 6RS
   9.45pm Appleton — London Bridge, London Road WA4 5BG

Tuesday 6th November 2012

Area between Moore and Lower Stretton

   8.20pm Daresbury — Ring O' Bells, Chester Road WA4 4AJ
   8.40pm Moore — Red Lion, Runcorn Road WA4 6UD
   9.00pm Hatton — Hatton Arms, Hatton Lane WA4 4DB
   9.45pm Lower Stretton — Ring O' Bells, Northwich Road WA4 4NZ

Friday 9th November 2012

Frodsham area

   8.30pm Dutton — Tunnel Top, Northwich Road WA4 4JY
   9.00pm Frodsham — Bears Paw, Main Street WA6 7AF
   9.30pm Overton — Bull's Head, Bellemonte Road WA6 6BS
  10.00pm Overton — Ring O' Bells, Bellemonte Road WA6 6BS

Monday 12th November 2012

Weston Village, Runcorn

   8.30pm Weston — The Roundhouse, Heath Road South WA7 4RP
   9.00pm Weston — Royal Oak, Lambsickle Lane WA7 4QZ
   9.30pm Weston — Prospect Folk Club, Prospect Inn, Weston Road WA7 4LD

Here are some pictures of the 2012 Souling.